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Hello Hannah, I'm very happy with the combination of our characters, I think we can make something really nice! Please contact me:


maandag 8 oktober 2007

Jan being scared

This is the first animation test I did, I made it really fast, just to give a quick impression of her character and to see how the moving teeth were working. Arms and body arn't moving yet.


This is Jan. She's a little girl. She's easily scared and really shy. But when you frighten her she can scream real loud!
Click to get a better view, especially at the teeth, that are really important for this character.


On this blog I will show my work for the Norwich-project, a school project in which the characters that we ( st. Joost 4th year animation class ) and the students of the Norwich animation school make, will meet.
To begin with, I'll show you some of the inspiration that I've used for the design of my character.